Oracle consolidating different calendars royal worcester backstamps dating

Any Balance Type: Consolidate any balance type; including actual, average, translated, budget, and statistical balances.•Do all subsidiaries share the same SOB?

If yes, then FSG can be used to meet the requirement.•Do all subsidiaries have different SOB?

Side-by-Side Calendars is the feature which lets you select multiple Calendars when you are in the Calendar Navigation (CTRL 2) simply by clicking the checkbox in front of the Calendar.•Is a separate elimination company required to segregate eliminations or can it happen in the parent company?•Are companies to be consolidated at Balance level or Transaction level? Changing Chart of Accounts (COA) after implementation.GCS revalues and translates all subsidiary balances to ensure consistent consolidated results.5.Any Level of Detail: Consolidate detail transactions, detail balances and summary balances.6.

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