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You will pass this filename to the User Store class in a separate property that you will use in the remaining functions of the implementation.private User Store Current Store Next, you have a large number of methods in your provider.Second, if no name is specified, you have to initialize a default name, which is required by the configuration tool for displaying the provider in the list of providers.Finally, you have to add a default description if no description is configured for the provider.The previous code starts by initializing some default values for your options, just in case they are not included in the web.config configuration file.After initializing these default values, you can go through the entries of the config parameter passed into the method (which is a simple Name Value Collection).Through the Password Format property, every provider has three types for storing the password: clear, hashed, and encrypted.

For this purpose, you just need to match the properties of your Simple User instance to the properties of the Membership User, as shown in the following function: private Membership User Create Membership From Internal User(Simple User user) As you can see, this mapping creates an instance of Membership User and passes the appropriate properties from your own Simple User as constructor parameters. NET Framework regular expression classes whether the number of nonalphanumeric characters in the password is high enough according to the Min Require Non Alphanumeric Characters and then validates the password again through regular expressions against the Password Strength Regular Expression.In that case, the method uses the Encrypt Password method from the base class implementation for encrypting the password.This method uses a key stored in machine.config for encrypting the password.These methods are for creating, updating, and deleting users as well as for accessing and retrieving user details.The methods basically access the information through the previously created store classes.

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