Online dating bad men

In dating, attitude is everything, so wallow a little with us and then get back out there. Why Online Dating Sucks | How to Make It Better Let’s be real, guys can have it tough on dating websites. Until then, however, we modern daters have to deal with the following 11 sucky things.A single woman can set up her profile, sit back, and wait for the messages to pour in, but guys don’t have that luxury. There’s always that one friend who seems to have special dating powers.

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Maybe we should all just agree that “Game of Thrones” is great and take it as a given that random dating profile #394 has watched and loved the show (but probably not read the books).

After reading through similar likes, dislikes, and bios, people start to blend together.

When you can’t remember if you’ve already messaged that cute sushi-loving gal, online dating kind of sucks. You’re connecting on every major topic, the banter is stimulating, and you think this might be it — and then you meet in person and everything you liked about him or her evaporates before your eyes.

You put in your all, think this girl could be “The One,” click send… Like, maybe you don’t have any pictures of you rescuing a kitten from a tree. Some guys find success in short chats, others do better in long convos — it’s almost like girls are individuals who like different things!

I’m going to say this once: Algorithms aren’t magic.

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