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We'd both bathed, twice, and Grammy had bought a bottle of perfume for me from the Watkins man. Uncle Barney got out his fiddle and was playing a lively tune.Momma led Billy in from the porch and Daddy led me in from the front room and we met at the bed and kissed and it was like kissing an angel it was so sweet.Billy and I both wanted to go, we wanted to meet others our ages who were nudists because we had only our family to share with in the nudist lifestyle.We saw pictures of other young adults in that magazine and we both knew that if we were ever going to find nudists to marry it would have to be in a place like those in the magazine.

Meeting someone to marry was very important, we both wanted to raise a family as we had been raised in the freedom and pleasure of being nude, of feeling the caress of the summer breezes and the tingling rasp of Winter's winds, the flow of water in the swimming hole as it awakened every nerve in our skin and the joy of watching the beauty of human bodies in motion and at rest.I had busted my maidenhead a long time before and it didn't hurt, not even a little bit, as I let my pussy down on his dick.It had hardly got all the way in when I cummed again and then Billy started humping his dick up in me and I got rising up and down on him and it wasn't long until I was cumming again.Well, we got into the water and everybody was splashing around and I felt something I thought was a fish between my legs, but when I jumped Joel came up beside me laughing so I splashed water in his face.We played in the pond a good while and ever so often Walter or Joel would brush against my titties.

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