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We have many live chat rooms covering an assortment of topics, as well as online chat rooms for all regions of the UK.

England, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland all have their own chat rooms, as well as regional forums for those who want a more slow and deliberate chat.

She said she was initially targeted in public chatrooms but then lured into a private conversation, being asked if she was alone and if she had a boyfriend.

But she said the most shocking thing was that the parents thought the children were safe in their bedrooms.

Feel free to bookmark this page or send our page to your friends. To enter Northern Ireland adult chat room, you must create a new account or log in and select Northern Ireland Chat from the menu. This Northern Ireland chatroom is for Northern Ireland in United Kingdom.The board of governors at one of the schools where the man was employed said they were “aware of serious allegations” against an individual who had worked there for a “short period”.In a statement it said “everyone working or volunteering in any capacity in the school is subject to Access NI enhanced disclosure checks and all safeguarding policies are adhered to”.We have chat rooms for people of all kinds, for various age groups to chat with locals all across the United Kingdom.Our site is intended to be a safe and welcoming online chat environment for all of these people, but sometimes maintaining safety requires a little bit of looking out for yourself.

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