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Third, I assure you that professional photography equipment costs a lot more than your best friend’s camera.A high quality camera, specialized lenses, memory cards, digital software, tripods, umbrellas and lighting, and colorful background are professional-grade and are quite expensive.You benefit from the latest professional technology being used in the photographs, and used properly at that.Next, the time it takes to produce your one headshot is more than the actual sitting session.If you are walking through the desert, you may be willing to pay a lot more for that bottle of water because its value is now much higher than the cost. Spending a few extra dollars for a photographer who takes an outstanding photo and gets you the acting role of a lifetime is worth more to you than the measly cost of the gig.You should purchase photography services (and anything else you buy) based on value not price. Stock Photography Pricing One final point, regarding stock photography pricing.If it were that simple, many photographers would not count on gigs to be their livelihood.Again, this is not your father lending you his camera to take a few photos.

Moreover, I assure you that one of the biggest pet peeves of all photographers is people who do not show up for the photos and are too inconsiderate to call and let the photographer know that they cannot make it.

Photographers take pictures for a living and you must understand that when making inquiries about pricing.

The Cost of Photography Service Whether you’re a model or actor in need of fresh portraits and portfolio shots, a couple looking for a professional wedding photographer, an event coordinator with a big production coming, there is always one question on your mind: How much?

The truth is that the range of photography prices is highly variable and depends on many factors such as location (in studio versus traveling to a location) and length of time needed for a particular session.

Pricing can be as low as up to 0 or higher for a portrait session alone.

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