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Millet stalks, for example, are popular motifs in embroidery on women's traditional blouses and appear on the emblem of a political party.The national flag's colors of green, orange, and yellow represent the different climate zones.

The government of Niger is secular in law while recognising the importance of Islam to the vast majority of its citizens.

Although French efforts at subjugation began before 1900, dissident ethnic groups, especially the Tuareg, were not conquered until the early twentieth century.

The new colony was considered lacking in resources, and no paved roads or railroads were built between 19.

Islam in Niger, although dating back more than a millennium, gained dominance over traditional religions only in the 19th and early 20th centuries, and has been marked by influences from neighboring societies.

Sufi brotherhoods have become the dominant Muslim organisation, like much of West Africa.

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