Net bindingsource not updating

Is the primary key of the table included in the dataset? ------------------------------------- That's a kludge, and I wouldn't do it just because it works. I'm doing this elsewhere and I tend to get this error often: Concurrency violation: the Update Command affected 0 of the expected 1 records. Zone is a datarowview I fill the table adapter on form load Here is the routine that basically does everything that is not working. **Other Info** You don't need all the instances of "Me." unless there are two of the object and you need to discern between them (like the same object is defined and used in the base class maybe). Count You can get a row of the table like this: Dim rw as Zones Data Set. I have marked up your code, and will e-mail it back to you. Add With Value("@Item_Old", row To Update("Item", Data Row Version. Filter property to display different subsets of the data in the Data Grid View. Filter = "sum 5 * mean" I received an Evaluation Exception saying that "*" could not be applied to an Integer and a String.

Is the Zones Table Adapter one that you set up, or did it come from the Data Set Designer, too? I suspect you have a form that is bound to your strongly typed dataset and you are trying to figure out how to add the row to the dataset. ------------------------------ "Dustin Davis" ou're very brave to post your code. This should be set in Visual Studio as a default for everything you do. Zones Row) And then use all of the capabilities of the Data Row. You have textboxes for coordinates that they can fill in, and then they have to specify a zone name for those coordinates, or they can select an existing zone. bm Zones is a Binding Manager Base that I tried and couldn't get to work either. Connection = sql Connection; sql Data Adapter Solutions = new Sql Data Adapter(sql Command); sql Command Builder Solutions = new Sql Command Builder(sql Data Adapter Solutions); sql Data Adapter Solutions. Binding Source = binding Source Bugs; //update sql Data Adapter Solutions. ---------------------- "Dustin Davis" gt; What is bm Zones? Command Text = "SELECT * FROM [tbl Solutions]"; sql Command. Columns["ID"]; data Column Child = data Set Solutions. Columns["ID_Bug"]; data Relation = new Data Relation("Relation_Bug_Solution", data Column Parent, data Column Child); data Set Solutions. Add(data Relation); binding Source Bugs = new Binding Source(data Set Solutions, "bugs"); binding Source Solutions = new Binding Source(binding Source Bugs, "Relation_Bug_Solution"); binding Source Submitters = new Binding Source(data Set Solutions, "submitters"); lbl Bug Title. Add("Text", binding Source Bugs, "Title"); lbl Datum B. Add("Text", binding Source Bugs, "Date Time"); lbl Submitter B. Add("Text", binding Source Bugs, "ID_Submitter"); tbx Date. Add("Text", binding Source Solutions, "Date Time"); tbx Submitter. Add("Text", binding Source Solutions, "ID_Submitter"); tbx Description. Add("Text", binding Source Solutions, "Solution"); this.binding Navigator Bugs. I click on the Add (Plus) button, I type the values and hit save. Project: I created the datasets using the dataset designer. In other words, the database was setup to have parent-child relations. Is there something fundamentally wrong with my process or design? I've got a procedure designed to modify the contents of a single row in a data table. Text) Dim tbl As New Data Table("Orders") With tbl . NET) SQL Server 2005 database (SP1) Problem: I get a "Column does not allow nulls" error when I try to add a new record using the binding navigator. Policy Base Object ID_PK = 4 Can I access the table right before the add and set the value manually?

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