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This can definitely be said of the disastrous events that took place starting in the fall of 1862 with the round-up of the Apache, then followed by the round-up of the Navajo (1863-1864) in what became known as, The Long Walk.

One blemish can destroy a flawless diamond – this would be the case for Colonel Christopher Carson (known at Kit) during the time period of 1862 to June 1864.

The Long Walk In 1864, around 9,000 Navajo were forced by soldiers on a march from Arizona to New Mexico. The relocation was poorly planned and unsuccessful.

Four years later the Navajo were allowed to return to their homeland.

As time would show, this was a wrongful solution proposed by General Carleton. Next came Fort Wingate in 1862, but was moved in 1868 to Fort Lyon at Ojo del Oso (eye of the bear).Christopher “Kit” Carson had become known for years as a fur trapper, scout and explorer; a pioneer well-traveled west of the Missouri.Kit Carson had learned the tongue of the many Indian tribes and was fluent in Spanish and French. Kit Carson was the man to have in one’s company when crossing the Rocky Mountains or when traversing the buffalo plains.The name "Navajo" comes from the Spanish who called them the Apaches of Navajo. After the Spanish arrived in the 1600s, the Navajo began to farm sheep and goats as well, with sheep becoming a major source of meat.They also hunted animals for food like deer and rabbits. Later, they wore clothes woven from the wool of sheep.

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