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‘Puckering free stitch’ is the most attracting feature of S-7250A.

The truth is that many people were involved in the designs of sewing machines at Singers, including Isaac Singer himself.In truth James Bolton's own version is as fanciful as one of Singer's mistresses.Bolton was familiar with patents (patenting 26 of his own ideas) but not one on his special model, which he simply gave to Singers and went back to work for his a week salary! No detailed drawings, prototypes, witness statements! You can see where I am going here, as much as I hate saying it I believe Bolton stretched the truth of his involvement, big time.The tales goes that (according to James Bolton) it was him who built the first New Family sewing machine and sent it to Singer's to see what they thought. Isaac apparently stated that the best thing to do with Bolton's machine was to improve it with a sledge hammer!Elias Howe was fast becoming one of the wealthiest men in America (before handing much of it away to relatives shortly before his death).

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