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Also shows the uni tractor being operated in different modes, and shows audience where to get the uni tractor.

Describes the changes that machines have made in food production and how this is reflected in other activities.

Provides a comprehensive overview of the various makes and models of Minneapolis-Moline farm equipment.

A story where a soldier returns from Europe to the family farm and tells of farming techniques he witnessed in Switzerland, as well as descriptions of farming methods used around the world in the 1940s and 1950s.

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Identical to Film 31 but with a few additional shots.

5: Single-cylinder simple and compound engines on return-flue boilers, engine numbers 101-6991, manufacture date 1890-1913. ), engine numbers 12-53, manufacture date 1907-1910.

7: Engines converted from double-cylinder to single-cylinder, engine numbers in random order, manufacture date 1905-1921.

Also shows farming methods, conservation, crop rotation, 4-H, hay, and harvesting.

Farm forum discussion, theme for annual forum "marketing" discussed, also a schedule of events and speaker announced.

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