Models and relationship quality in dating

The development of romantic relationships is commonly linked to positive adjustment and increased levels of perceived support (Collins, Welsh, & Furman, 2009).

Unfortunately, not all individuals receive such benefits from their intimate relationships.

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The goal of the present study was to investigate the relationship between cyber dating abuse and self-esteem in a sample of emerging adults (i.e., those within the period from the late teens through the twenties; Arnett, 2000).

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Second, the electronic medium allows the perpetrator to easily turn private matters public, thus intensifying the victim’s feelings of vulnerability.

Cyber dating abuse is defined as abuse, threats, or harassment that is digitally perpetrated within a romantic relationship through technology or other forms of new media such as social network sites, text messages, or emails (Zweig, Dank, Yahner, & Lachman, 2013).

Research examining cyber dating abuse has increased considerably in recent years, but to date, most studies are descriptive in nature and there remain many unanswered questions about the effects of cyber dating abuse on adjustment.

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