Mistakes women make dating men

When those relationships ended, it always felt like I had wasted a lot of my time. This problem is made worse when a seemingly great guy does come along. So we have the tendency to want to “cling” to the guy, or “try too hard” or be an “approval seeker” just so we can finally “get this guy” and end our drought once and for all.

And then the quest for the next relationship would begin. The great men, the successful, attractive ones are used to women throwing themselves at them all the time.

If you built this level of attraction to the point where he simply can’t imagine being with anyone else, where he’s phoning and texting you throughout the day asking when he can see you again, then you wouldn’t have to worry about this at all.

Again, the natural instinct for almost all women at this point is to overcompensate for their man’s weaning interest by becoming clingy, needy, and controlling.

Let’s say you met a great guy two months ago and you’ve been dating since. You and your new guy are spending lots of time together and of course, as a result, there are some bickering and minor arguments that arise. Maybe he shows up 10 minutes late every time you have plans. Nothing catastrophic, you might think at this point.

Things are going really well and you’ve started hanging out on a daily basis. He seems really into you and you feel excited and relieved that you finally met a man who might be husband material. Maybe he leaves his clothes lying on the bedroom floor or he doesn’t respond to your flirty text messages one night. Maybe you get upset when your man is out late with his buddies and doesn’t phone you to say goodnight or maybe you see his phone light up with a text message from another girl and question him about it. By now, these little arguments, bickering and moments of jealousy have begun to add up.

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Did you know that most women are clueless with men and that’s why they continue to fail over and over without knowing why? As a woman, let me tell you what I want: I want to be happy. Have you ever just wanted to be in a relationship SO BAD because it felt like you were “missing out” when you weren’t in one?

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