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He holds a lot of traditional social views that align with others from the Mormon faith.

He enjoys reading books, learning about history, and going for walks. Together they have four children and live in Pullman, Washington, where Leach coaches football.

He arrived on the Palouse to take over a team which hadn’t been to a bowl game since 2003.

There was a massive leap by many to conclude WSU would once again win 10 games year-in and year-out and be ranked as a national powerhouse as they were from 2001-2003.

Overall he is a practicing Mormon but isn’t as strict as others. He received media attention for endorsing Donald Trump in 2016.

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Leach says he tries to follow the Mormon beliefs but admits he isn’t perfect, such as drinking caffeine.Leach takes off on that stuff (telling exactly what his family offers).”Burton’s recent book has been in the making since 2010 when he penned "Pirates, Soldiers & Fat Little Girlfriends: More Classic Texas Sports Quotes.” This time around he focused on Leach through a collection of 700 unique quotes from The Pirate along with quotes from players, coaches and even university officials.Turning page after page from beginning to end left me wanting to see what Leach said next.The relationship Leach shared with school administrations in both places helped weather the tough going early on.Conventional wisdom prior to 2008 was Leach would never leave Lubbock.

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