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You will have access to information on CAM Guidelines, RCCM publications and links to CAM networks.You may be eligible to apply for the Dr Janine Leach Research Award for post-graduate students and researchers and if you present at the CAMSTRAND conference you could win the Professor George Lewith CAMSTRAND Bursary Award. Osteopathic medical students demonstrated positive attitudes toward CAM use.

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Conclusion: Osteopathic medical students had a positive attitude toward CAM and had high levels of self-reported CAM knowledge and use.

Osteopathic medical students who acquire professional training and have personal experience with CAM may be in a better position to discuss CAM with future patients.

The most commonly used CAM modalities—meditation/yoga/relaxation/imagery, massage, and spirituality/prayer—were also most likely to be suggested to patients by osteopathic medical students.

Sex, age, and the use of CAM modalities were significantly correlated with attitudes toward CAM modalities.

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