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Instead of divergence dating, we use a two-epoch coalescent model of logistic population growth preceded by a constant population size to infer a time in mutational units for the beginning of these expansion events.

This model compares favorably to simpler coalescent models of constant population size, and exponential or logistic growth, and is far more precise than estimates from the mismatch distribution.

Shell middens are one of the most important and widespread indicators for human exploitation of marine resources and occupation of coastal environments.

Establishing an accurate and reliable chronology for these deposits has fundamental implications for understanding the patterns of human evolution and dispersal.

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This amino acid geochronological technique is also applied to midden deposits at two latitudinal extremes: Northern Scotland and the Southern Red Sea.The Raymarine CAM50 instantly transforms your compatible multifunction display into a powerful onboard video observation system.Keep track of the engine room and crew from the helm and monitor on board activity.The rate of change in DNA is an important parameter for understanding molecular evolution and hence for inferences drawn from studies of phylogeography and phylogenetics.Most rate calibrations for mitochondrial coding regions in marine species have been made from divergence dating for fossils and vicariant events older than 1–2 My and are typically 0.5–2% per lineage per million years.

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