Mandating the metric system

Metric construction saves 10-15% when compared with our non-system.The Australians have been reaping these metric rewards for over thirty years. Over the counter medicines are allowed by your “freedom of choice” to offer only teaspoons and tablespoons.The public teachers of the 1970s began to teach metric, but quickly realized that the US was to be the only country (other than Liberia and Myanmar) which had a government that would not institute a true metric conversion.The teachers were left without a measurement ecosystem outside of their classroom to which they could teach, and so metric instruction was “all dressed up with nowhere to go.” Metric instruction has become perfunctory.The choice of only miles and feet (in vulgar fractions no less) on US road signs was decided by filibuster, in 1978, by Senator Charles Grassley of Iowa.

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In brief, what you offer is not a substantive response to a reasonable petition for action on an increasingly urgent issue, but only condescension and airy rationalization for perpetuating our current bureaucratic stasis.. I am disturbed that the head of NIST can speak of the metric system, and our potpourri of units, as even remotely comparable in either intellectual stature or technical merit.

Dual units only encourage unnecessary opportunities for mistakes. The DART and Mars Climate Orbiter mission failures which occurred because of the “choice” to use multiple measurement units, are examples which should not be swept under the rug with charming prose, like “seamless transition.” Incidentally, your statement that the metric system is universal in science and industry is also demonstrably false.

I grant you that it should be, but I know from personal experience that the US aerospace industry is currently hamstrung by something called the mil. Now, you might suppose that this would be an ideal time for a metric conversion in US aerospace: after all, with the long-overdue retirement of the Space Shuttle, the United States has no astronaut-capable space vehicle.

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