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It's inane, manipulative, has hyperactive cutting, a ton of glaring inaccuracies (pointless to even discuss or debate), and probably 29 other glaring faults.And why in every dramatic slow-mo emo shot are there 3 helicopters flying in unison overhead? If one day I am having a heartfelt talk with my daughter, I hope there are 3 helicopters flying overhead to really 'bring it home' (and Aerosmith performing in the background.)Despite it all, I still love watching this movie.I wouldn't see it more than a couple times, I wouldn't buy it except to test my DVD surround setup, but I do find much of it to be decent escapist fun. On full-screen VHS with TV sound and the lights on, and the expectation of anymore than a purely technical film experience, it's not worth the time.And one more thing: I, for one, appreciate the extreme care that went into Armageddon.What's the point of having 3 helicopters flying really close together? Anytime it is on TV I can watch it 'til the end.Bruce Willis does a great job doing his Bruce Willis 'thing' (smart alecky tough guy), and the supporting cast is really great. An awesome assortment of ragtag castoffs (spitting funny one-liners) must save the world- who would have thunk it?

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and Columbia Records By Arrangement with Sony Music Licensing See more » This movie is my ultimate guilty pleasure.

This one delivered everything it said it was going to, and didn't try to trick us into thinking it was any more.

She is best known for her portrayal of Arwen Undómiel in the Lord of the Rings film trilogy (2001–03). She later decided to focus on acting, and made her film debut in Silent Fall (1994).

The technical skill required to make it happen were far more impressive than most movies of this type.

If the pace made it hard to follow, try paying more attention, because had it not been made as it was, it would have been even more boring.

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