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You’re surprised by how emotional you get about raising them a certain way.In my case, we had a joint baby blessing after our daughter was born – a beautiful event with blessings, hymns, prayers, and talks from people in both our traditions.So: have you and your boyfriend talked about how you would raise any kids you have?Very, very important conversation – and one you should revisit many times.

3) Even the most communicative and respectful couple may find that having kids is a game-changer.

She wanted to know how my husband and I make our Mormopalian marriage work: . I get variations of these marital questions from time to time; in fact, they’re among the most common personal queries I receive through the blog. 2) Mormons have the lowest rates of intermarriage of any other religion in America.

Since most marriages are done by a religious authority in any religion, who did yours?

This tells me something – not that my own marriage or life is so interesting, but that the Church is providing very little in the way of resources for anyone thinking of marrying outside its ranks. In America more generally, about 1 in 3 marriages is now interfaith; for Mormons it’s only about 1 in 9.

The LDS Church strongly encourages Mormons to only date other Mormons, and certainly to only marry inside the fold (though as Naomi Schaefer Riley points out in her terrific book on interfaith marriages in the USA, Mormons also do a great job of fellowshipping interfaith families once a wedding has already occurred). (And in answer to your specific question about my wedding, I wasn’t Mormon when I got married, so we had a Protestant candlelight ceremony.) Focus on the marriage, not the wedding. That’s great news for those who are concerned about propagating the faith, but know that it makes for a lonely road for you personally.

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