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Firstly the cost of acquisition in a new market is very low compared to a mature market.Secondly the size of community required to start generating revenue is a lot smaller than you would expect. Filed under: Niche Dating | Tags: database, members, Niche Dating, profits | – One thing we hear again and again is that partners want to wait until there is a big enough database before they start marketing in a niche or new market.I have sympathy for that position however it does leave you missing a trick.“I’ve been following the news ever since, updating my blog with whatever I can get my hands on,” he said.The Libyan expat said he has an interest in Web technology and Web design and wanted to help spread information for Libyans outside and inside the country.If a supporter wrote, “”My lady, how I want to climb this wall of silence.“We used to call it the digital black hole,” said Nasser Wedaddy, a civil rights outreach director for the American Islamic Congress and longtime cyber activist who has worked on cyber outreach efforts in the Middle East for years.

I can hopefully reach both audiences.” When Mahmoudi created his pretend profile on Mawada, he figured 50,000 supporters would be enough to take to the streets.If you are running a regular dating site your members will quiet rightly expect to find members in their local area if it’s going to work.However people who subscribe to a niche are by definition more prepared to communicate over greater distances to find someone who’s into the same things.They’re very afraid.” Activists in Tunisia and Egypt adopted social media on a mass scale, but “for all intents and purposes, in Libya, there isn’t much cyber activism going on,” Wedaddy said.So as the revolutionary spirit gripped the region, Libyans overseas rushed in to fill the online void.

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