Kiss me dating or introductions

“I pull out a bag of marshmallows and I go, ‘No, I knew this was gonna happen.’ And then I kiss you.In front of my burning car.” This imaginative profile, courtesy of Tumblr, entertains online daters with an amusing story. What works for one person can be taken too far by another.

He even writes out the banter: “You go, ‘…Is that dangerous?Just as I was walking out of my English class with Alex, I saw Ali - short for Alison - rush towards us. We'd known each other since birth and our dads are best friends, we also have a lot in common - way more than me and Alex - for example, we both love shopping, Liam Hemsworth, shoes, and a lot more that I can't name while under pressure.Oh right, I probably forgot to mention that Alex and Ali were dating..but yeah they started dating about a year ago and don't get me wrong, I ship Alexson so badly but sometimes young love can be annoying. The sort of nice, sort of sarcastic, sort of smart, not really stand-outish girl and half-enemy of Jacob Walker. The sort of player, half-idiot, narcissistic jerk, one of the most popular guys in school and one of the players on the so... " I turn around upon hearing my name and accidentally collide with someone's chest. He had brown hair that was always styled really nicely, brown eyes and was overall just perfection. We met in 4th grade and have been friends ever since.

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