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First, you need the awareness of problems, and then you need to take the time to do something about them.

CAROL: As an investor, how have you invested in yourself? Though I eat out a lot, we have a full-time office chef to ensure that my entire team eats well.

I feel that western medicine is fairly closed minded to alternative therapies, yet those practising alternative therapies are fairly open to all forms of treatment. After living through cancer, it’s a rare person who wouldn’t come to the conclusion that there is more to life than the life you were leading. BRETT WILSON: Twenty years ago my wife and I began giving 1 percent of our pre-tax income to charity, and, appreciating how good it felt, realized that we could afford to increase that.

Within the medical system I became very frustrated: two professional groups – one supporting surgery and the other radiation therapy – were arguing, both convinced that if I didn’t use their treatment methodology, I was going to die. This, like a major injury or death in the family, becomes a wakeup call. Over time we became more involved and it became more interesting.

I began evolving, recognizing that without my physical, emotional, and intellectual health, I was of no use to anyone including myself. BRETT WILSON: I consciously try to improve myself through training, personal development programs, and working with a coach for life planning.

If the top golfers in the world still need three coaches (a putting, swing, and drive coach) it must mean that using a coach is okay.

I wasn’t embarrassed by it, and spoke about it publicly because, particularly with prostate cancer, awareness is the key to early detection.

Over the years, I have spoken to many patients about my experience and still receive feedback about an internet video that discusses my journey.

Before, weeks would go by when I would be in town (in Calgary), but I wouldn’t see my family because I’d be living at the office, up early and out before they woke and home after they went to sleep.CAROL: Why did you decide to go public with your cancer story?BRETT WILSON: I couldn’t disappear from the workforce to have treatments without telling others.I travel with my running and swimming gear; as a former competitive swimmer, I love swimming. BRETT WILSON: I chose work over parenting for many years.It wasn’t until I separated from my wife that I recognized the gap in my life, and really became a parent.

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