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Jennings acknowledged wearing gloves during the robbery and using his Buck knife in taping the victims' hands, but claimed that, after doing so, he must have set the Buck knife down somewhere and did not remember seeing it again.Jennings further stated that he saw the dead bodies in the freezer and that his foot slipped in some blood, but that he did not remember falling, getting blood on his clothes or hands, or washing his hands in the kitchen sink.Jennings (age twenty-six) and Jason Graves (age eighteen), both of whom had previously worked at the Cracker Barrel and knew the victims, were apprehended and jailed approximately three weeks later in Las Vegas, Nevada, where Jennings ultimately made lengthy statements to Florida law enforcement personnel.In a taped interview, Jennings blamed the murders on Graves, but admitted his (Jennings') involvement in planning and, after several aborted attempts, actually perpetrating the robbery with Graves.Brandy Jennings and Jason Graves knew the victims through their previous employment at Cracker Barrel.Three weeks after the murders, Jennings and Graves were apprehended and jailed in Las Vegas, Nevada for the robbery and murders.Both Wiggins and Smith still had electrical tape hanging from their left wrists, however; it appeared to have come free from their right hands.Bloody shoe prints led from the freezer, through the kitchen, and ended up in the office.

Brandy Bain Jennings was convicted of robbing the Cracker Barrel Restaurant in Naples, Florida, and of murdering three restaurant employees in the process.

Upon arriving on the scene, police found the bodies of all three victims lying in pools of blood on the freezer floor with their throats slashed.

Victim Siddle's hands were bound behind her back with electrical tape; Smith and Wiggins both had electrical tape around their respective left wrists, but the tape appeared to have come loose from their right wrists.

In my mind I think I could have killed them, but in my heart I dont think I could have.

Jennings made comments to several people about his dislike of victim, Siddle.

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