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When I mentioned it a couple of weeks after the funeral, her response was, “We’re all on-call no matter what. None of them are as cutthroat as calling someone about magazine articles less than 24 hours after a family member has died in front of her. I can be pretty antisocial with co-workers I do not enjoy the company of.I sometimes struggle to transition from writing in a news tone to a feature story tone. I was prepared for all of this to be on my evaluation. At the end of my evaluation, she told me that I “intimidated” a co-worker.

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We’d butted heads over deadlines and her habit of procrastination.

(She regularly dawdled around, waiting until printer deadlines to edit content regardless of what was going on in my personal life.

She once texted me during the three-day bereavement period of my grandfather’s death, simply because she couldn’t find an old magazine article.

He allegedly told her not to pay his employees until “a number of problems at the business were fixed.” She told him that would be illegal.

“After briefly arguing with Rinehart, Ackland stormed off,” the complaint says.

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