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I am officially looking for new #SPEAKERS for i Date 2016!

i Date is the DATING INDUSTRY's largest event that discusses the business of the #datingindustry ndustry.

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The dates are January 24th - 26th and I am hosting the #Matchmaskers & #Datecoaching conference.The conference will discuss: personality profiling, mergers, acquisitions, payment systems, artificial intelligence / machine learning, wireless, business planning, advertising, legal, venture capital, dating software, and new technologies. REGISTER for the next i Date Dating Industry Conference in Delray Beach.This is a partial event view of the London #i Date2015 conference in the #UK ."traditional media" discussion that has been covering the basic rules of journalism vs ...(DV) Sustar: Social Security Con Job - Dissident Voice Security Con Job by Lee Sustar 14, 2005 First Published in Socialist Worker : S ay you're expecting to rely on a modest ...

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