Im 15 dating a man older than me

Equilibrium should be your purpose in every and all such friendships, equilibrium of person.

This enables you far better emotional stability, especially during what would otherwise be described as the "romance phase".What you feel can be described as "genuine", as it tends to the having of a more secure base in reality.To sensor out "friendships" on the basis of age disparity can only be described as raw age prejudice, come discrimination.i listened to myself and am very happy with my man. It is hard we love eachother and he treats me like a princess but I find it really hard from time to time like tonight. I too feel so lonely at times and have no girlfriend to talk to well no friends at all. It has becdome like an obsession we are both nuts about eachother. i have no one to turn to I know how you feel my good friend is older than me he is 50 I am 19... But in anycase I feel the same, emotional love, I could not be lusting towards him.he makes me very happy and i know he feels the same. I don't really have any friends here and I find it hard to meet new people, I never feel attached and I know it is unhealthy to spend all of my time with him I wish I could find a way to make female friends. From what you have told us I believe he likes you too.

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