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For example, the more I learn Vietnamese, the more I swear in Vietnamese. You may also discover some things about your partner only when you fully understand the language and culture.

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But when you are learning a new language, you often make mistakes. Then, while studying abroad in Ghana in 2012, I had a Ghanaian girlfriend. Thanks to these experiences, I’ve learned that there are a lot of benefits when you date someone in a language you're hoping to learn (I call this your “target language”). Luckily, I’ve learned from my mistakes and I am here to share my secrets.When I first arrived in Vietnam in 2014, I went on a bunch of dates with Vietnamese girls hoping I could learn some Vietnamese from them. You’ll get to practice with your partner regularly and grow together.Maybe she wants to learn your native language, so you end up doing some sort of language exchange. Dating someone in your target language forces you and your partner to develop patience.Now, this can be seen as a good thing, as your relationship will force both of you to develop patience with one another.

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