Husband s sex chat divorce

Not all people who look at these things are looking to have an affair.

Wherecan Ihide I'm sorry you've been having problems.

But IMO that's a very different scenario to somebody having a quick look out of curiosity or boredom (as in whilst sitting at work eating your sandwiches! He knows I don't mind him looking at porn, but this is one step too far - even if it is for an ego boost.

This morning I went on his laptop and looked at 'history' and it is full of ' No strings dating' and he has been talking to ' Becky, 22 Linc' etc. TIA xx Hello If I was you I would do exactly what you have done so far, but I would ask him to come home asap and ask him to explain. Your gut feeling will probably tell you if he has been unfaithful and then you need to decide how best to move forward - Relate is often reccommended by MNetters.

Garrowismylaw - I know I shouldn't have snooped but I had a gut feeling something wasn't quite right.

Last night (can't remember what time) I went downstairs cos I woke up having a panic attack so went downstairs to calm myself down and he was on his computer and pretty much ignored me.

I hope this turns out to not be as bad as it could be emmyloulou I don't agree that 99% of people going on those sites are looking for 'extras'.

I bet a good 50% are going on them for a sneaky snoop at the site and a bit of a laugh.

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