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The gang’s all here, from Friar Tuck (Eugene Pallette) to Little John (Alan Hale), as brave, bold Sir Robin (Flynn), consummate archer, good-hearted outlaw and leader of men, struggles to free England from the clutches of absent King Richard’s greedy younger brother, John.With a record-breaking budget of million (at the time, it was the most Warner Bros, had ever spent on a movie), directors William Keighley and Michael Curtiz (whose job was to pump up the action) do a grand, glossy job, bringing the legend to life with a collection of show-stopping rescues, escapes, ambushes, assaults and, best of all, a classic one-on-one encounter between Sherwood Forest’s favourite hero and the despicable Sir Guy of Gibson, a truly magnificent henchman with no time for small talk, a master stroke of malice from the great Basil Rathbone, whose swordfighting skills were consid¬ ered beyond compare in Hollywood, although, since he played mostly villains, he rarely got to win on-screen (other examples of his art can be found in Captain Blood and The Mark of Zorro ).

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Sorely lacking in the charisma department, Seagal puts on a brave face and delivers attitude a-plenty, a Dirty Harry wannabe with some deadly moves and the shortest of fuses. leaps to North Africa where we meet the victim’s brother, a French Legionnaire named Lyon (Jean-Claude Van Damme, wooden but agile) who promptly busts out of camp, absent with¬ out a brain, and heads for the States to be with his sibling.A grand swashbuckling spectacular with laughs, thrills and a hell of a lot of romance (usually, we don’t go in for this sort of thing, but it’s fun - and instructional - to see Flynn in action), The Adventures of Don Juan follows the dashing one as he returns to Spain, wows the ladies, earns the trust of a Queen (Viveca Lindfors, quite a babe in her day) and battles the evil forces of the dastardly Duke de Lorca (Robert Douglas), a “boo-hiss’ type of villain with designs on the throne.Assisted by perennial sidekick Alan Hale, Flynn and company engage in brief bursts of lively, light-hearted action throughout, building to a glorious staircase duel as Don and the Duke settle their differences man-to-menace. Director: Vincent Sherman; Producer: Jerry Wald; Screenplay: George Oppenheimer, Harry Kumitz, based on a story by Herbert Dalmas; Production Design: Edward Carrere; Editor: Alan Crossland Jr; Photography: Elwood Bredell; Music: Max Steiner; Cast: Errol Flynn, Viveca Lindfors, Robert Douglas, Alan Hale, Romney Brent, Ann Rutherford, Raymond Burr. Aliens ® The Adventures of Robin Hood USA 1938 102 mins 'jj^ E rrol Flynn has the time of his life robbing from the rich, giving to the poor, romancing fair Maid Marion (Olivia de Havilland) and battling vile Prince John (Claude Rains, the original Invisible Man) while modelling the snuggest green tights in creation (not many people realize that nylon was available in medieval England) in what is undoubt¬ edly the greatest Hollywood swashbuckler of 'em all.And the next time somebody accuses an action film of provoking copycat violence, they're cruising for a bunch of fives.The honest, uncomplicated truth of the matter is that these fine flicks are not here to corrupt, but to entertain.

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