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Of course, not everyone has the money, free time, surgery or personal trainers to get that "celeb look," but you should consider: If you'd date one person who is significantly older or younger than you, might you date another? Of course, everyone matures at a different rate, so you may want to ask your friends, too.

Angelina Jolie is one of the hottest women on the planet and she's 36. Would it have benefitted you to date someone older?

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Naturally if I met a guy and there's chemistry I'd go for it, whether he's 20 or 60. Although I have to say almost everyone I know in a LTR is more like /- 2 or 3 years apart. I won't go under 26 though, I don't want to tell my boyfriend any stories that took place when he was in 7th grade.42 here.Let's say for convenience' sake that I'd go back or ahead ten years, with exceptions made for the exceptional. It's not so important to both have seen Star Wars in its original run in theaters. I was having a nice enough fourth or fifth dinner date with a younger man I'd actually slept with a couple of times.Up until that night I'd managed to ignore the age difference, until I did the math.asian boys and girls sexy clothes plus: asian woman in of beautiful chinese women, sexiest women dress: geekguide: beautiful girl thai modern dating advice; ladies sexy halloween costumes: site to make friends online the geeks guide to dating! Just kidding, but it seems this is the norm nowadays.

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