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Lopez’ reason for removing her character from the show was reportedly due to creative differences.The finale of the show aired in 2007 but it was canceled by ABC.I shared all of that with America–every secret I had…. In season three, George and his crew host a very special guest at the plant, as the U. President arrives to drum up support amongst the Latino community.

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And Benny shocks everyone by setting out in pursuit of a hot romance of her own with a younger guy from work!

George copes with unresolved issues involving his father and tries to build a real relationship with him – and after last year's discovery of his half-brother, there's another family surprise in store for George.

Although she teases George about his dysfunctional family, George’s devoted wife Angie makes a startling realization about her own relatives.

However, the event is slightly marred by rebellious Carmen, who heckles the President about his war policy, embarrassing George.

Afterwards, George notices that Bush left his speech on the podium and impulsively takes it.

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