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Here’s what the church faces: can be aggressive, but where Christians expect no more than the Constitution grants them, I support their rights as strongly as I do mine.

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After 5,000 years of Western civilization defining marriage as the union of a man and woman, we are on the precipice (barring miraculous intervention) of the Supreme Court imposing homosexual “marriage” on all 50 states. Constitution, the one that tells Congress not to make laws based on how they would please God.

Allowing someone else to have consensual sex in a way that’s not your cup of tea is not an “imposition.” If same-sex marriage becomes legal nationwide, you won’t be constrained in any way. Remember Bonhoeffer, the man you reference in your post. But the same secular public square that protects me from Christian excesses acts the other way as well.

Larry Tomczak of the “Here’s the Deal” blog is mightily concerned about this whole gay thing.

In “Church Is Facing a Dietrich Bonhoeffer Moment,” he says it’s the church’s great test.

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