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Chingusai was established to correct society’s prejudice against and distorted view of homosexuality, to protect and promote awareness of gay people’s human rights, to develop and disseminate a healthy gay culture that will help gay people to live with pride, and to promotes AIDS prevention and protect HIV positive people’s human rights.Chingusai is engaged in diverse activities for the human rights and liberation of sexual minorities.‘Ivan City’ is the largest online gay community in Korea providing variety of contents including personals, online chart, clubs, and etc.And Ivan city site is the leading portal site of Korea providing variety of services such as entertainment, access to communities, online shopping, and etc. Since then, currently on October 2007 there are 150,000 members, 30,000 ~ 40,000 visitors a day, and 100 new members sign up everyday.Respondent: When I was 6 years old, I liked a older brother who lived neighbor as sexual desire, even a small kid.

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Additionally, there is the most famous gay festival, which is called Korean Queer Culture Festival.I think the discriminate against to prohibited to marriage by gender identity is discrimination.This is really sad, because they love each other but can’t marry.Korea Queer Culture Festival (KQCF) of Korea Queer Festival, held since 2000, is an annual public event taking place in Seoul for about two weeks around end of May to beginning of June.It aims to encourage the pride of Korean sexual minorities and increase an awareness and understanding of LGBT issues to the public.

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