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Because of their relative inexperience, 20-somethings often hold misguided assumptions about the dynamics of intimate relations.As a result, they take risks with unprotected sex, leaving them vulnerable to sexually transmitted infections and unwanted pregnancies.And this is why open communication is so essential to a satisfying relationship.But I’m actually uncomfortable when I talk about sex, and I’m more conservative when it comes to that.Indeed, the high level of trust involved in fluid bonding may not be warranted, especially when the partners are young and the relationship is new.One study of young adults who believed themselves to be in committed relationships found that fully 30 percent of the persons had had sexual encounters with other people since becoming involved with their partners.In general, women who reported that they were happy in their relationship and comfortable talking about sex were also more likely to have had conversations with their partners about disease and pregnancy prevention, and they were also more likely to take precautions against them.

It’s the self-disclosures of our most private thoughts and feelings that bring us closer to our partner.

As long as both partners are disease-free and only have sex within the relationship, fluid bonding may deepen the couple’s emotional connection.

But it does come with considerable risks, which can only be managed through open and honest communication.

It may seem obvious that practicing sex safe requires open communication.

Still, the more difficult question is how to overcome your reluctance—as well as that of your partner—to talk about sexual issues.

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