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We'll have to wait and see where she scales in relation to the other pro's in terms of the hottest.I'm pleased that my fav from the last few years is in the line-up this year too.Apart from the cute girls he has been my favourite character on that show for a few years now.

They were the first to be booted though as he was awful at dancing (and sweated like a pig) and the chemistry between them was even worse.

However, that is two years on the trot now that she is the first to leave the competition.

The stand out performances from this first week probably came from the Friday edition which saw Caroline Flack and Pixie Lott both looking so sexy.

She's such a pretty girl though that even in a long dress she is still a highlight.

She really doesn't seem to embrace the fact that you are not always going to be partnered with a young handsome man, who you can potentially win the show with.

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