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The text under the images reads: "Me and my friends work at a cinema and I just received these snapchats of them cleaning a screen after 50 shades of grey." Ladies please, don't forget your cucumbers.

A Twitter user apparently found this "nice" note taped up around town. It turns out that almost no one feels that way:via @Hell3Quin, @mitchberghini, @Big Hairy Marty, @scatterkeir, @Agent Ann KBut hey, there's hope!

Do you feel safer now knowing this guy is somewhere out there?

Judging by those horrified Twitter responses, there are many men out there who know respect, rather than offering to "crush the life" out of someone, is the best way to make a woman feel safe.

Anyway, these funny profiles, bad puns and utter bizarreness are the byproduct of modern dating. Check these out for more funny and sad moments from the wild world of tinder. Okay, most of the time you're gonna have a crappy conversation until one of you stops responding.It's a wide weird world of casual dating out there.Almost nobody's happy and genuine connections are rare but that doesn't stop these Tinder Astronauts from blasting into each others lives. here's the best part...) post them to a site where all of our friends and family can see them! Let's take our relationship problems and (wait for it...

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    Of course, a simpler explanation is that the radiometric dating is incorrect and that the speleothems grew only the ice had melted.

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    What if the emotional intimacy you’ve experienced with someone was more profound than physical sex?

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    His mother, Jane Gordon, ran for the United States Congress in California during the 1970s for the Peace and Freedom Party; she met Dennis Levitt while she was working as the program guide editor for KPFK-FM.

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    I’ve known guys who were adamant about not paying for a drink or a meal or a ticket, and they were looked at by the women they took out as petty.

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    Knowing that the company revamped its site and Amo Latina’s anti-scam policy a couple of years ago, I don’t think these reviews reflect the truth anymore. But just because you have to pay to use the site does not mean Amo Latina is a scam.