Examples of intimidating body language

I know, it's not easy to resist that urge to look away, and you're definitely not alone in this, most guys have more trouble making eye contact than girls.But this is learned the hard way – you must practice creating and maintaining eye contact every day.Often, dominant behavior is associated with alpha male behavior.

We talked mostly about the seduction from the female's perspective – submissive, secretive and playful – these are the traits that can easily bring men to their knees. How can we use our eye contact to make a woman's heart skip a beat?Touching Freely touching other people in a non-emotional way (like a firm pat on the back) is another sign of dominance.In this case, the dominant male or female is showing superiority by choosing who is to be honored by their display of endorsement.In humans, aggression can be shown by placing the hands on the hips, standing tall at maximum height and positioning themselves in close proximity to those they want to intimidate. Facial expression The face highlights many features of dominance including frowning, pursing the lips, sustained direct eye contact and holding the head still when listening and talking.3.Leading Dominant people will lead from the front, often going through doors before others and walking ahead of the crowd.4.

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