Error validating access token updating rsbot

We can control for how long cached responses are used, to mitigate the risk of accepting an expired or recently revoked access token.For example, if an API client typically makes a burst of several API calls over a short period of time, then a cache validity of 10 seconds might be sufficient to provide a measurable improvement in user experience. These are authentication credentials passed from client to API server, and typically carried as an HTTP header.

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The subrequest target location defined in line 2 looks very much like our original All of the configuration to construct the token introspection request is contained within the /_oauth2_send_request location.

The response from the Id P is inspected, and authentication is deemed successful when the .

This solution is a compact and efficient way of performing OAuth 2.0 token introspection with NGINX, and can easily be adapted for other authentication APIs. The single biggest challenge with token introspection in general is that it adds latency to each and every HTTP request.

References to NGINX Plus apply only to that product.

The standard method for validating access tokens with an Id P is called , is now a widely supported standard that describes a JSON/REST interface that a Relying Party uses to present a token to the Id P, and describes the structure of the response.

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