Drake and keshia chante dating

We only have one shot to live our best life and it's time I live my life for me.xx A post shared by Keshia Chanté (@keshiachante) on Had a great time being a part of this of this Kleinfeld Canada & Sunwing collaboration shoot!

So many of us get caught up in the pressure & expectations to get married.One of my fav things to do is volunteer at animal rescue centers.I visited @vanderpumpdogs who are doing a great job rescuing, rehabilitating & re-homing dogs who have suffered from abuse & abandonment. I spent the majority of my 20's with my first real boyfriend & the reality is, what you choose to accept at 21, is not necessarily the same for 28, or forever.After 11 years, Jennifer Garner is ready to jump into a new action role in the upcoming drama-thriller, “Peppermint”.Speaking with Et Canada’s Keshia Chante, however, the 46-year-old Hollywood actress, who has previously showcased her fighting skills in “Alias” and “Elektra”, reveals that her three kids don’t quite know she’s an action star.

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