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In a universe of sameness, things which are different will grab our attention.

I've received literally thousands of e-mails from all kinds of men -- and guess what?

That's the modern-day equivalent of sweeping us off our feet and letting us know who's boss. And that's definitely true for women when it comes to men.

We take for granted the men who praise, admire and pursue us, and we chase after those who are hard to get, or that we have to work hard to please.

Very few of them ever got me interested enough to respond.

But when I reviewed Insider Internet Dating and saw the first e-mail that Dave M.

Sure, it might seem as though women want to have our way all the time -- but it's so utterly boring when a man gives in to our wishes all the time because that means we've got him wrapped around our little finger -- and that's when we lose interest and start looking for a bigger challenge.

In contrast, Dave M.'s e-mails are engaging, they command attention, and are even humorous -- and that would make me want to know him better.

Oh, and his "get the digits" e-mail can get just about any woman to give you their phone number.

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    "People who fall in love say it feels wonderful and agonizing at the same time.” All those ups and downs can be a source of stress.