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Max Prof for skills is assumed to be 1000 due to testing with explosive shot and other skills.100% Skill prof gives roughly 25 cooldown rate (20% cooldown reduction).2 points of prof = 1% affection up to level 4Level 2 = 201, Level 3 = 401, Level 4 = 601At level 4, every 25% = 100 points up to 1000 points (need more data for exact value, but we will assume 1000 for now as some actions seem to give 'half' a prof.)Level 4 50% would really be level 5 0% if we go off of other information.

Revives give 10 points, which would normally be 5%, but level 4 changes things.

Dating sims (or dating simulations) are a video game subgenre of simulation games, usually Japanese, with romantic elements.

Excluding attributes with no values, the game seems to cap every 5/5%.At 100% proficiency: Heat 1 Removes: 38%Heat 2 Removes: 51%Heat 3 Removes: 63%While attributes do have a cap to how much you can raise them, this cap is partially determined by Liz’s smithing level.Smithing level caps at 4 for the first run and 7 for the second run.This means items with low drop rates will be affected less than those with high drop rates.On the other hand, with high enough luck and drop rate bonuses, you should be able to get bonus drops on some items with already high drop rates.

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