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relies almost entirely on a process called Agent for the purposes of installing and patching Blizzard games.

Unfortunately, countless users have reported Agent sometimes not being able to download any data or install any game files.

As a result, the main guide will focus on the latest vanilla Wine release from Ubuntu, but you can absolutely install the latest staging or Gallium Nine versions when they become available.

In addition to Wine, you'll need to install the winetricks configuration script and winbind, which the app needs to function.

Some specific add-ons for games (add-on managers for World of Warcraft, for example) can interfere with Agent’s functionality and prevent the process from downloading and/or installing any files.

If a third-party security program is the cause of your sorrows, simply disable (or better yet, uninstall) any and all third-party security programs installed on your computer.

Once that’s done, check to see whether or not the fix worked.

$ cd ~/Downloads $ wget -nc https://repos.wine-staging.com/wine/$ sudo apt-key add $ sudo apt-add-repository 'https://dl.winehq.org/wine-builds/ubuntu/' $ sudo apt update $ sudo apt install --install-recommends winehq-staging winbind winetricks The app is a weird mess of of things that assumes that you have certain things on your system in order to work properly. After you do, the full app will open up, just like it would on Windows (except possibly uglier).

To give you a bit of an idea; it's written in Qt, but it requires Internet Explorer. It doesn't matter if some of the graphics aren't there.

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