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“She asked him to wait until they could discuss breaking up in person, but by the time she returned home, Jamie had moved all of his things out.” Ouch. The British bar owner probably isn’t the car guy, simply because he was more than an ex-boyfriend to Barrymore.

He was her first husband, married to her for a few weeks in 1994, when she was still a teenager.

An interesting side note: Love herself had a relationship with Erlandson at some point. Here’s where Barrymore’s friend Love — Barrymore is even godmother to Love’s daughter, Frances Bean Cobain — comes in again.

The rocker also reportedly had a romance with Norton around this time when she was making The People vs. (Love and Norton both denied dating rumors at the time, but she later confirmed that there had been a romance.) For what it’s worth, Barrymore and Love remained friends for at least a few years afterward.

Courtney Love, a close friend of Barrymore’s, introduced her to Erlandson, the guitarist for Love’s band Hole.

They dated from 1995 — they were at the June 9 premiere of Batman Forever together — through the first few months of 1996.

Unless Barrymore’s timeline was seriously off, they dated her too early to be the subjects of her story.

Barrymore and Green married in 2001 but didn’t quite make it to their first anniversary before splitting. Are the going to stand on the state, in Ohio, and tell the people that they will be repealing their tax cuts and reversing the policies that put so many of them to work?

During an interview on "Watch What Happens Live" on Sunday, the actor opened up about his post-split relationship with his ex-wife and how they've remained amicable since getting divorced.

Barrymore and her accomplice, a friend named Justine, attempted to cover their tracks.

The actress said she wrote, “a lot of really horrible things that would not seem like me.

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