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You are literally minutes away from changing your Dating Life forever.

In 2012, I taught THREE entire weekend classes on dating women in Singapore, for which guys paid good money.

I would also love to hear from the male perspective where you feel single women would have the best chances of meeting single men. Thanks again for your comments and for reading my article. I am a certified Master Coach with 12 years of coaching experience.

I am also very interested in understanding what makes a relationship last and why lasting relationships are so scarce.

The atmosphere is calm and conducive to that first line, "So, what are you reading? : a guy here speaking: some of your recommendations may be pretty accurate but I beg to differ on the grocery store or men's wear dept.

I am single and shop for groceries and several times I thought of striking up a conversation as to cooking or making salad's or types of cheese to use on specific dishes- to an obviously single women. Its always refreshing and informative to get a single mans opinion on what its like in the trenches.

A Deeper Understanding of Himself – in every area that pertains to attracting the opposite sex.

Conducting interviews with single men and women over 35 has proven very informative when it comes to deciphering what men and women are looking for in each other, how they go about finding a mate and whether the connection they create will be strong enough to support a long term love relationship.The group has 4 members: twins Coby and Cory Cotton, Garrett Hilbert, Cody Jones, and Tyler Toney;...Each article begins with a dating situation/story, which I then decode – I’m an expert at determining what is really going on in the male/female exchange based on behavioral and verbal cues, I’m particularly astute at deciphering if a man or woman is truly interested or not; Then I offer empowering advice regarding how to handle the situation and what healthy action the subject can take to honor herself/himself moving forward. Simply browse the aisles and look for a tie for your Dad. Strike up a conversation with a cute guy by asking him to help you locate a great brand of jeans for men and tell him youre shopping for a birthday gift for your Brother. This actually signals "well-rounded" for today's single guy.I’ve done all I can to make it as simple and easy-to-apply as possible. …and you will have more of this: a deeper, rock solid, and most importantly, ACTIONABLE understanding of women, dating, sexuality, and attraction than 95% of Singaporeans regardless of looks, money, and social status. I’m sure you’ve met men who were successful in their careers but utter failures with women.

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