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Kim and Kylie are dominating the beauty world with KKW Beauty and Kylie Cosmetics, Kendall is one of the highest-paid models in fashion, and Kourtney is all about health and wellness.But Khloe is veering away from these areas and focusing her energy on something new: true crime. It's all about helping individuals reach their fitness goals.Third, what is more fun than being a girlfriend, I mean you are wooed, showered with gifts and treated like a queen.And before you call me a prude, or overly traditional, I am none of the above. So before you get your panties in a twist, there is nothing wrong with visiting your man and having him cook and take care of you, and then maybe once in a while making a meal worthy of kings just to let him know that in case he is searching you have the skills.In partnership with Investigation Discovery, Khloe is producing drama combined.As a self-confessed true-crime enthusiast, it'll be interesting to see how her involvement shapes the program.And while all the above are a constant wonder, the thing that not only puzzles but irks me to bits as a feminist is when I see a modern independent woman who holds the title of ‘girlfriend’, or worse still a lady who has not been bequeathed with any title by the man she is supposedly dating, cooking and cleaning for him as if she were competing for the ‘wife of the year’ title.Firstly, you are not a wife, and second because you are not a wife you have no business doing wifely things like cooking and cleaning for a man who is not your husband.

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Everyone’s doing it I asked him to declare his intentions and all he could come up with was, “Everyone is doing it, all my friends live with their girlfriends, plus it is a great way to see if we can live together.” ALSO READ: How to glow up your love life Note, however, that there was no promise, and no commitment but I was expected to blindly leave the comfort of my single life and go pretend to be a wife (which I have come to discover is a lot of work) for nothing, not even a promise!

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Have you ever looked at your friends who have long term partners and wondered why you haven't got that in your life?

It's a clip lifted from the fourth episode, in which a child has been found dead in their home.

A beautifully produced and richly illustrated book that showcases the day-to-day adventures of independent girl-about-town Victoria Psismall and her pet land octopus Otto.

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