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After my mother pointed out that we couldn’t be certain, I contacted the adoption agency and got some information from them, but it was quite limited.Then, a few months later, I decided to do a DNA test online through 23and Me.” 23is one of many providers of home DNA tests.“First, the test confirmed that I had Irish ancestry, so that put my mind at ease slightly.But then around six months later, a first cousin popped up on the system.Some of her friends locally knew, and the man that ended up being her first husband knew too. I spoke to her sister and she said they always suspected that there was something like that going on, but I was always a rumour until I turned up.” Sparber had previously taught a class on DNA genealogy at a historical society.As a result, he is very aware that it can be a harrowing and upsetting experience for some people when they find out things that they may not be ready for.

For the first time I realised that I didn’t really know for certain what my background was.” That uncertainty spawned a lot of questions for Sparber.

Loftus went on to discover his great-grandfather was born in Sligo in 1865 Max Sparber grew up in Minnesota with two concrete pieces of information.

He knew that he was adopted, and that he was Irish-American.

Damian Loftus: “I wanted to prove I had Irish ancestry.

When the test came back as 58 per cent Irish, I could say it for sure.”.

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