Dating while divorcing illinois

We hope the following links to outside sources may be helpful.Illinois State Bar Association provides a divorce guide that includes information on grounds for divorce in Illinois, residency requirements, and maintenance.If at all possible, convince your spouse to agree to an uncontested divorce.Not only will an amicable divorce significantly reduce costs, but it will limit the emotional toil on you, your spouse and any children.Either spouse can also request that the other spouse pay his/her attorney’s fees and costs while the case is pending.

Note: Either party may petition for temporary maintenance and child support and these issues will be dealt with fairly quickly (on a summary basis).Illinois, like most states, encourages the use of mediation before and during divorce cases.A mediator is a neutral party that attempts to reconcile you and your spouse, eliminating the need for a divorce.If your spouse decides to file a Response to the Petition, in which they agree with all of the points of the Petition, and there is no Counter Petition, then your divorce is uncontested.It is in your best interests to attempt to secure an uncontested divorce because it will expedite the proceedings and significantly reduce the cost.

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