Dating violence education in schools

Prevention efforts include awareness programming and general education to all students on the dynamics of interpersonal violence, consent, coercion, and other forms of abuse within a relationship.All students at all ages should receive information and awareness programming, because even if they're never a victim or a perpetrator of domestic violence, chances are they may become a bystander or witness.

If we were talking about the outbreak of a virus, we would call in the hazmat team.

One limitation of the study is that researchers relied on students to honestly report any experiences with teen dating violence, which may not provide a reliable picture, the researchers note.

Still, it’s clear that prevention takes more than a classroom lecture, said Dr.

“These skills include conflict resolution, healthy communication, and social and emotional skills, in addition to recognizing characteristics of healthy and unhealthy relationships,” Niolon said by email.

Dating Matters also teaches parents the importance of being health and relationship educators for their kids, and starting conversations about healthy relationships before they start dating.” Young people who participated in the Dating Matters program in the current study didn’t appear any less likely to engage in positive relationship behaviors than middle school students at schools without the program, researchers report in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine.

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