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Women might misinterpret certain things, or get things wrong.”This is perhaps the most important tool in your relationship-building kit: Start conversations; stop assuming.If you want to know something that you’re unsure about, like if he’s open to a relationship or what he wants from socialized to start those emotional discussions more effectively. Don’t assume that actions are the same as intentions.

“See if the guy sticks around.” We’re not reinventing the wheel here; this age-old tactic is still the best tactic if you’re not sure how emotionally invested he is.

“While men approaching sex on a more physical level might be true in part, in my opinion, emotions still play a major role for guys,” one guy in his late twenties explained.

“The only problem is that men communicate this differently, or in a more ‘toned down’ way, than women do — which I think is a major reason for conflict.

However, notice there’s a gap up there between the women who said they could see sex purely as a physical act and men who could engage with prospects that way.

If you want a two-way emotional connection with someone, you have to wait to have sex until that develops. It’s best to delay until you feel that person is sufficiently opening up to you, and you’re getting beyond the realm of surface-y small talk.

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