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The formation of the town Junior Leagues was still in the future but in 1889 the Birmingham League was inaugurated and Kidderminster Harriers and Kidderminster Olympic were founder members. No record has been found for the reason for the departure of John Lewis. John Campbell Orr, the Secretary of Birmingham and District Football Association, circularised all affiliated Associations and clubs to the effect that it had been brought to the notice of the Birmingham Association that local Charity and District Associations had, contrary to their powers, been suspending players for misconduct on the field of play and it was pointed out that the authority of the Birmingham Association was needed to deal with players. Treasurer – Harry Harper (Stourbridge); Senior Club Representatives: A. Percy Harper and Frank Bullock of Worcester were appointed to the Fellowship Organising Committee.

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In August 2001 the Association purchased its current headquarters in Droitwich thus consolidating all of the work previously carried out in individuals’ own homes.

Beyond these gentlemen there is no available information as to the strength and names, or clubs, of the original committee. At the annual meeting held on 5th of November 1924 there were four nominations for the position of Hon. It was found necessary for this meeting to be held at the Raven Hotel, Droitwich, as it was attended by 120 delegates. It became evident at the Annual Meeting of the 2nd September 1925 that the Council had decided that the Vice-Presidents should consist of deserving members of Council and not of people outside the administration game. Fred Simpson of Stourbridge was elected Vice-Chairman.

Joseph Pritchard (1856-1929) who, as you see, was elected Chairman at the tender age of 23, was obviously a sportsman of high repute in the Kidderminster area, particularly with the Harriers Athletic and Rugby Club for whom he was playing at the time as it appears that rugby was probably the only available game to play. Thompson (Brierley Hill); Junior Club Representatives: W. Secretary, and although one was the "sitting" Secretary, Albert Hope, W. Mr Albert Hope was rewarded for his long service as Hon. At a Council Meeting on the 17th December 1924 it was announced that the Earl of Dudley had declined to accept the Presidency and Earl Beauchamp, K. The Council attendance record for 1924/25 showed that Council had 55 members as the number of Cup Competition representatives increased by 10.

Football in Worcestershire therefore came under the authority of Birmingham, and from the records available it appears that a happy relationship was formed that has remained to this day. Unfortunately the Cup competitions representatives who made up the remainder of the Council are not recorded.

It is not possible to state when the game started to be played in Worcestershire, but in the north west of the county it appears it was brought into the Kidderminster area by Black Country workers crossing the South Staffordshire border in search of work in the new foundries and forges on the banks of the River Stour. Owing to the situation caused by the Great War (1914-1918) all operations of the Association were suspended and in 1915 a resolution was passed empowering the Officers to carry on the business of the Association.

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